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Dress Designs by zambicandy Dress Designs by zambicandy
Ocing and designing dresses with *Naughty-kittykitty

The red one is supposed to be kinda gothic so I made some wierd looking spider webs on it.

the pink one is one of my favorite type of dress designs with the front being uneven like that.

The pink and blue one is supposed to be a coat over a lacy dress. you cant see but there are bows on the side of the neck

My favorite is the yellow one :) I love hearts and fluff

and the last pink one is just fluffy c:

I love bright colors with black ;_;

ok Ive gotten too many requests to use these on your own characters etc D: If you could just do me a favor and make up your own designs Id really appriciate it. Thank you.

And since people have been asking about sewing one of my dresses I want to trying sewing them myself first :) but thanks for taking interest.

Also thank you for all the lovely comments :) Im glad you like them so much.
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June 19, 2007
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